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Rain-Out Information

In an effort to give you as much information as possible about field conditions as early in the day as possible, the Ardsley Little League Board will update the Ardsley Little League website after a first evaluation of field and weather conditions occurs on weekdays by 12:30 pm.  By that time, we will have either decided that some or all games are canceled, or we will indicate that we need more time to evaluate.  

If we need more time to evaluate, the next update will be posted by 3:00 and a final decision will be posted by 4:00.  Our goal is to make a decision by 3:00, however, on days when we are really uncertain, we will make an ultimate decision by 4:00. 


On weekends, we will make an initial evaluation of 9:00 games by 7:45 am.  After that, updates will be made throughout the day depending on the game schedule. 


Thank you.


by posted 04/03/2017
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