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If an umpire has not arrived at a game 10 minutes before the start time, please contact Eric Poritzky at 646-456-7899



If a team has 7 or fewer players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, the teams will still play the game and the umpire will stay and officiate the game, however for the purposes of the standings, the game will be deemed a forfeit.

If a team has 8 players, they will bat all 8 players in a continuous order.  There is no "out" penalty in the 9th spot in the lineup for a team carrying 8 players.

If a player leaves a game due to injury or any other reason, their subsequent turn in the order is skipped, and no out is enforced.



Scores (and pitch counts for Boys AA, AAA, and Majors) must be reported by the winning team manager within 48 hours of the conclusion of a game.  If the score and pitch counts are not entered within 48 hours, the game will be considered a forfeit, and the losing team will be given a 6-0 victory.



For all teams in Majors and below, the goal should be for every player on the team to play at least 1 inning in the infield per game unless there is a bona fide safety concern.

No player shall sit out 3 innings in the field until every player has sat out at least 1 inning.   If all players have sat one inning, a player can be sat for a third inning. If there are any exceptions due to unusual circumstances (e.g. injury prevents player from throwing but still is able to bat), they must be discussed and approved in the ground rules meeting with the umpire prior to the start of the game.



A new pitcher gets 8 warm up pitches. But a pitcher who is still in the game (who pitched the previous inning) should get 4 warm up pitches between innings.



Except for games on Field 3 involving the Boys Juniors or Boys Seniors division, no batter who is on deck may swing a bat. Except for games on Field 3 involving the Boys Juniors or Boys Seniors division, the next batter should be ready with a helmet on, but may not pick up a bat until it is his/her turn at bat.



Judgement calls made by the umpire may not be argued.  If there is a rules question, the manager should call timeout and have a civilized conversation with the umpire to discuss the issue.  Violation of this, or any other abuse of umpires or opposing coaches, will be subject to discipline by the league, which may include suspension from coaching.

Any ejection of a manager, coach, or player will result in an automatic 1-game suspension.  A second ejection in a season will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season.



In an effort to give you as much information as possible about field conditions as early in the day as possible, the Ardsley Little League Board will post on the Ardsley Little League website a first evaluation of field and weather conditions on each questionable weekday by 12:30 pm.  By that time, we will have either decided that some or all games are canceled, or we will indicate that we need more time to evaluate.  


If we need more time to evaluate, the next update will be posted by 3:00 and a final decision will be posted by 4:00.  Our goal is to make a decision by 3:00, however, on days when we are really uncertain, we will make an ultimate decision by 4:00. 


On weekends, we will make an initial evaluation of 9:00 games by 7:45 am.  After that, updates will be made throughout the day depending on the game schedule.