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  Score and Stats Reporting  

It is the responsibility of the winning team manager to report scores (baseball and softball excluding 'Junior', 'A' , 'T-Ball' and 'Challenger' Divisions).  Managers must also report pitch counts for baseball 'AA', 'AAA' and 'Majors' Divsions only.  Score reminder notices are delivered to both teams Coaches and Managers.  Reminders are sent every morning at approximate 9:00AM ET when:

  • Game results have not been entered
  • At least 24 hours have elapsed since the game was played.  This translates to the 2nd day after a game was played.
  • Up to 4 times (once per day) if no score is entered.

Scores (and pitch counts for Boys AA, AAA, and Majors) must be reported by the winning team manager within 48 hours of the conclusion of a game.  If the score and pitch counts are not entered within 48 hours, the game will be considered a forfeit, and the losing team will be given a 6-0 victory.

Here's an example score reminder notice:

Heads-up, Coach!
Follow the link below to enter the score for your last game:


On: 12/21/2012 6:30 PM
at: : McDowell #4
Ardsley, NY 10502
Between: Pea Mashers and Ardsley Athletes

Click here to enter the score

The link in the message will take you directly to the results form on the website - mobile users will be directed to the mobile results form.  You will not have to login to the website when you use the link provided from the email message.  However you will only have access to enter results for the game identified within the email.  Pitch counts may be added in the 'Commentary' text box - include pitcher name and pitch count for both teams.  Otherwise you can enter pitch counts directly in the Statistics area of the results form.

Additional information and instructions: