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All rules according to most recent Little League Rules and Regulations.

In addition, the following “Local Rules” shall apply:


  1. Home team supplies 2 game baseballs.
  2. Only 3 adults are allowed in dugout.
  3. Utilize a continuous batting order.
  4. No bunting.
  5. 1 steal attempt per team per inning is permitted.  No double steals. No stealing home.  Runners cannot further advance on a catcher’s overthrow in an attempt to prevent the steal.
  6. A play will be deemed over, when either (a) the pitcher has the ball in the immediate vicinity of the pitcher’s mound, or (b) the ball has been thrown to the pitcher and it lands in or crosses the immediate vicinity of the pitcher’s mound.  At that point, any runner who is not at least halfway to the next base must return to the previous base.
  7. Players may advance a maximum of one base per play on overthrows to any infield base (including home). Only one base is allowed even on multiple overthrows on the same play.
  8. Outfielders must be positioned on the outfield grass.
  9. Balks will not be called.
  10. If an inning before the 6th inning is deemed to be the last inning because of time, weather, or visibility constraints, each team will be allowed to score unlimited runs in that inning.  If an inning prior to the 6th inning is going to be the “last inning”, it should be specified by the umpire before the inning begins
  11. A coach on the defensive team may back up the catcher in order to speed up the game.  Please note that the only role of this coach is to retrieve pitches that the catcher doesn't field, and throw the ball back to the pitcher.  Once a ball is in play, they may not touch the ball or interfere with play whatsoever until the play is over.  Additionally, they must not speak to the umpire or players regarding anything related to gameplay while backing up the catcher.
  12. One coach of the defensive team may be in the field of play...however, that coach must stay on the outfield grass


  1. 3 inning max. per pitcher per game. Pitch count is still in effect. Please review pitch counts as per Little League rules section VI- Pitchers.  Delivery of a single pitch in an inning counts as a full inning pitched
  2. After a pitcher delivers 4 balls to a batter, the batter will NOT advance to first base.  Rather, the count will reset and the offensive team’s coach will assume pitching duties for that at-bat.  When the coach pitches, the batter can hit or strike out.  Umpires will call both swinging-strikes and pitches that hit the strike zone but are not offered at as strikes.  At the completion of that at-bat the player-pitcher will resume pitching duties.  Note that if the player-pitcher hits the batter with a pitch, that batter will be awarded first base.  
  3. After a team “walks” or hits-by-pitch three (3) batters in an inning, the offensive coach will assume pitching duties for the remainder of the inning. When the coach pitches, the batter can hit or strike out. Umpires will call both swinging-strikes and pitches that hit the strike zone but are not offered at as strikes. 
  4. If a coach comes in to pitch after a third “walk” or HBP, the pitcher who just surrendered the third “walk”/HBP may not be removed from the pitching position and placed in another position in the field
  5. The defensive coach may not unilaterally elect to go to coach-pitch before 3 “walks”/HBP have been issued
  6. No intentional walks.
  7. Place all pitchers at 40’ from back tip of home plate.
  8. A player once removed, as a pitcher may not pitch again in the same game.
  9. A player can not catch if he threw 41 or more pitches. A catcher who catches more than 3 innings cannot pitch in the same game.

Call-Up Process:

If 24 hours before gametime, a manager learns that he/she will have 8 or fewer players available for a game, the manager should email the Vice President of Baseball to request a call-up (if a manager learns that he/she has 7 or fewer players, he/she may request 2 call-ups). Call-ups will be taken from A or will be brought over from another AA team at the VP's discretion.  In the email, the manager must specify the names of the players who they know will not be able to make the game.

A call up cannot be used to start a game over a roster player in the event of 11 players.

Call-ups must bat last in the batting order. Additionally, the maximum number of IF positions that they may play is equal to or less than the number of innings that the rostered player with the least IF innings in that game plays.  Call-ups may not pitch or catch.

If a call-up is requested less than 24 hours before gametime, the Vice President of Baseball will attempt to find a call-up based on the guidelines above. However, if a suitable call-up cannot be found, the team will play with whatever number of players it has. Teams may play with 8 players in the field. If a team has 7 or fewer players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, the teams will still play the game, however for the purposes of the standings, the game will be deemed a forfeit.

There are no call ups during playoffs without permission from the Vice President of Baseball.


Please see the Ardsley Little League Rules Quick Guide for a rules summary by division.