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All rules according to most recent Little League Rules and Regulations.
In addition, the following “Local Rules” shall apply:


  1. Runners may leave the base when the pitcher releases the ball.
  2. Unlimited base stealing is allowed.
  3. The batter shall become a runner on a dropped third strike. This rule shall apply:  When first is unoccupied with less than two outs or with two outs and first base occupied.
  4. Outfielders must be positioned on the outfield grass.
  5. The home team shall supply the game softballs.
  6. The game will end if the winning team is ahead by 12 runs after 5 innings (4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead).  Teams switch sides after 7 runs scored in any inning except for the last inning.  If an inning before the 6th inning is deemed to be the last inning because of time, weather, or visibility constraints, each team will be allowed to score unlimited runs in that inning.  If an innings prior to the 6th innings is going to be the "last inning", it should be specified before the umpire before the inning begins.
  7. Extra Innings (7 innings maximum) are permitted when the score is tied after six innings of play and there is time remaining. Runs scored from an incomplete extra inning are not valid and the score is reverted back to the prior inning results. Pitching rules and counts are enforced through the end of the incomplete inning.


  1. The distance between the front of the pitcher’s plate and the rear point of home plate shall be forty(40) feet.
  2. The softball used shall not be less than 11-7/8” in circumference nor more than 12 1/8” in circumference and shall weigh not less than 6 ¼ ounces nor more than 7 ounces.
  3. If a player pitches in more than three (3) innings, one calendar day of rest is mandatory.
  4. A pitcher remaining in the game, but moving to a different position, can return as a pitcher anytime in the remainder of the game but only once in the same inning.
  5. Not more than five (5) pitchers per team shall be used in a game. (Exception- Illness or Injury to the fifth pitcher).
  6. No intentional walks.


Call-Up Process:

If 24 hours before gametime, a manager learns that he/she will have 9 or fewer players available for a game, the manager should email the Vice President of Softball to request a call-up (if a manager learns that he/she has 8 or fewer players, he/she may request 2 call-ups).  In the email, the manager must specify the names of the players who they know will not be able to make the game. 

A call up cannot be used to start a game over a roster player in the event of 10 players.

Call-ups must bat last in the batting order.  Additionally, the maximum number of IF positions that they may play is equal to or less than the number of innings that the rostered player with the least number of IF innings in that game plays.  Call-ups may not pitch or catch.  .

If a call-up is requested less than 24 hours before gametime, the Vice President of Softball will attempt to find a call-up based on the guidelines above.  However, if a suitable call-up cannot be found, the team will play with whatever number of players it has.  Teams may play with 8 players in the field.  If a team has 7 or fewer players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, the teams will still play the game, however for the purposes of the standings, the game will be deemed a forfeit.

There are no call ups during playoffs without permission from the Vice President of Softball.


Please see the Ardsley Little League Rules Quick Guide for a rules summary by division.